Setting the Intention for Creating Sacred Talismans

Step into this Sacred Circle

where you will learn to connect with your Soul's Voice and create Sacred Talismans in loving partnership with the energies of the Divine.
It all starts with
Setting the Intention.

In any healing work, Setting the Intention means

 being clear about what you want to create out of your efforts, and
 being clear about the energy you want to infuse into your Sacred Work. 

Setting the Intention calls in a safe and sacred container for the work ahead, where you can connect to Archetypal Energies and your Heart's Knowing, and where the Love you want to share with others can grow and thrive.

Setting the Intention means you'll

 Get Grounded
 Invite Sacredness
 Tune In
 Gather Your Materials
 Create Your Talisman
 Offer Gratitude and More
 Bless Your Sacred Work

As you spiral inward, journeying through the lessons in this course, you will find intuitive teachings, guided meditations, and journal pages for recording your insights and experiences.

In Setting the Intention,
you'll learn to listen deeply and trust your inner guidance, all the while, encouraging your connection to

 Your Heart's Knowing and Wisdom
 Your Personal Power and Influence
 Your Sacred Guides and Magical Helpers

Setting the Intention will awaken your Self-Trust, and enliven your Self-Discovery as a grounded Channel for Healing in partnership with the Sacred Expressions of the Divine.



Setting the Intention will also serve as the first unit in the Upcoming Monthly Subscription CourseThrough the Temple Gates: Explore the Healing Energies of The Sacred Feminine.


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