About Us

I'm Laura Gasparrini.

and I  making beautiful things

I'm an artist, writer, counselor and inventor.

And I think Creativity is the best thing going!
It's the key to unlocking our soul's voice; it is the healing balm that soothes us and strengthens us in a hectic world.

I'm so glad you are here ~ You have a unique offering to share with the world - one bead at a time! Creating jewelry is an Artform that inspires and enriches us across cultures and centuries. When we embark on the path of Adornment, we are walking the path of Beauty, allowing our unique expression to shine out for others to witness, experience and enjoy.

Here's a bit about me:

My Crafty Background

I’ve been teaching the Art of Beadwork for over 20 years, and making jewelry for as long as I can remember; in fact, my first sidewalk lemonade stand was actually a jewelry stand, where I sold small earrings and bracelets I made with supplies around our house. I continued this cottage business through high school, creating jewelry, clothes and purses to sell in my mother’s gift store.
I am the daughter of an engineer and an avid crafter, and I would say that I am pretty much an even combination of both. I have a passion for creative expression and the ability to break down a complex process into easy to follow steps. Thanks, Dad! In fact in my previous career as an elementary teacher, I loved teaching Math through art – teaching through a creative project was a great way for my students to understand, and see concretely, often-confusing concepts. Thanks, Mom!

My Alternative Healing Background

In addition to my work in Jewelry Arts, I have extensive experience as a clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant vibrational healer, bodyworker, talisman artist and intuitive with 30+ years experience in the study of alternative healing methods, Eastern and Feminine Spirituality and the Tarot. I have an MA in Clinical Psychology and a life long interest in Divine Feminine Mysteries. Through my healing practice, I developed Auric Repatterning™, a multimodal approach to energy healing, which incorporates sound, stones, energy work and visualization, and Issue Mapping™, an individualized tarot-based counseling method. I am an ordained Priestess, Creativity Catalyst and champion of Creativity as a Sacred Path.

 My Teaching Background

As a former preschool, elementary and junior high school teacher, I've learned so much about the way people approach and learn new information. I made it my "teacher mission" to bring the very best of myself to the job so that all of my students would feel successful. That "very best" meant sharing my own love of learning enthusiastically with others, and also embracing the idea that patience, encouragement and understanding are all essential teaching skills. In 2004 I combined my passion for jewelry-making and teaching, and began teaching beading and Jewelry Arts to adults at our local college; there I realized that all learners, regardless of how old or young they are, want to feel successful, encouraged and understood. As I continue to teach jewelry arts in private classes and at national bead shows, the skills I learned as an elementary teacher ~ patience, enthusiasm, encouragement and understanding ~ still apply. They are qualities that bring out the very best in each of us. 

My Publishing Background

My work, tools, articles and tutorials have been featured in Step-by-Step Wire Magazine, Bead Style Magazine, Jewelry Stringing Magazine, Belle Armoire Jewelry, Rio Grande, Fire Mountain Gems, Jewelry Television, About.com/beading and Handmade Goodness Quarterly.


 Om Tara.com History

I’ve been the principle designer and owner of Om Tara® since 2004. With my Dad’s guidance, I invented and patented the Om Tara® Crimping Pliers and along the way developed the Om Tara® precision beading tools. My passion is creating Inspired Adornment™ and Talismans for women that honor and express the unique spirit of the Wearer.

Pieces with names like Gypsy, High Priestess, Mermaid, and Muse emanate beauty, purpose and personal empowerment. I make each piece by hand combining the Earth energy of Shell, Pearl, Seed and Stone and archetypal essence of the Divine Feminine while using age-old beading techniques and focused spiritual intention. The intention I infuse into each Talisman I create is that it supports the wearer to feel more in contact with her inner strength and spirit on her path of self-expression.


What I believe

I believe in the power of Creativity to heal. I believe Craft and Art are the highest expression of a unique personal vision ~ they are a tidal force of Love in Action. I believe that people who craft are healthier, happier and more able to give of themselves to others. I believe that Art and Craft might save our world.

People say my work makes them feel empowered, confident and beautiful. Perhaps their feelings are a reflection of the complete joy I feel when I am creating. Whether I am designing a piece, teaching a class or workshop, developing a tutorial, or coaching a Jewelry Artist, my intention in all that I do is that we each recognize and celebrate our unique beauty and purpose.

My work through Om Tara® and Inspired Adornment continues to expand as I explore and discover my own creative expression; both are infused with the compassion, hope and expansive love a mother feels for her child – a reflection of the beautiful seed of possibility expressed through each of us.

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