Welcome, Creative Soul -

to this vibrant, heart-filled space... 

Think of it as your sacred retreat, a place where you can take
some time, reconnect with your creative energy,
and let yourself play.

Walk with me for a while, and let me share my love of
Adornment with you.

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Bring Your Designs To Life

I'll show you how to create beautiful jewelry
for fun and profit.

Step-by-Step Instruction

I'll walk you through each step with detailed tutorials and lots of practice.

Build Creative Confidence

I'll share with you tips the pros use, so you feel confident wearing and sharing your designs.


Seasonal Kit Subscription

$65.00 USD every 3 months
Sacred Creativity Circle

$158.00 each month
Inspired Adornment Collective

$49.00 each month
Seasonal Kit - One Month only

$69.00 USD
Great Earth Mother Deep Dive

$333.00 USD
String, Crimp, Knot, Wrap

$97.00 USD

Amy Mealey
~ Xaz Beads

You have been inspiring me since I first met you all those years ago. I am very blessed to have been in your circle to learn how to allow myself to be self full and fill my own cup before I fill others!


Lisa Young
~ Blue Moon Designs

My first beading class was with Laura, who taught with such patience and clarity, that she enabled me to acquire the skills necessary for jewelry making during my very first class. 



Felicia Capelle
~ Artisan Jewelry by Felicia

After studying with Laura over the years, I have such an arsenal of jewelry techniques mastered that my ideas for new jewelry designs seem limitless. If I had to limit her teaching style to one word, it would be “inspiring”.



Whether you’re just starting your Creative Journey or longing to connect with a deeper expression of your Creative Self, Now is Your Time.
You are in the perfect place for your next step. 
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